Release Notes

Release Notes

October 2021

Release -  8th October 2021

  1. Capture Education Points for Video Activity

Under Continuing Education Settings, an Admin can now select a template for Duration Watched. This is an extension of the Continuing Education Points module that currently supports quizzing. 

The template can be set to the Video that has the Points value assigned.  This will assign Education Points to a member based on the percentage they have covered for the video. For example, if 1 CE Point is assigned to a video that is 60 minutes in duration, a member must watch a minimum of 95% of the 60 minutes to gain their 1 CE Point. 

  1. Hide Events Channel from Video Library

Ideal for pre and during your virtual or hybrid events, to hide your event channel from your main video library.  Your viewers will require a direct link to the event channel or use the event registration/login to access to online conference.  Post-event you may want to make the content searchable from your main video library. At this time you can turn this flag off to make your on-demand conference available from your main video catalog.

Video Library 
  1. Add support to filter categories and tags on channel pages
  2. Video Cards max height when display Continuing Education Points
  3. Log Off from Event Channel returns users to Event Registration page
  4. Zoom Integration – modify zoom channel page to reduce steps to enter meeting
  1. Add Filter to Video Analytics for Member Types/Member Lists
  2. Add Accordion to Channel Edit settings
  3. Events Registration, modify default fields that are enabled on creation
  4. Move Sales Order to Admin Analytics menu
  5. Display Security Type in Admin Channel Lists

  1. Member Analytics Query Optimization
  2. Database Optimization on Video Tags query
  3. Database optimization on Member List Access to Channels
  4. Database Optimization on Inserts for Member Calculated Video Statistics

  1. Fix Tag creator on Video Edit page
  2. MyList should not appear on Channel pages when turned off on site settings
  3. Poll Indicator turns Green immediately after poll is submitted

September 2021

Release -  18th September 2021

  1. Vouchers:
    1. Expire vouchers
    2. Display voucher use on cart after submitted
  2. Zoom
    1. Setup 1 or more Zoom Accounts within Integration Settings
    2. Select a zoom account when adding a new channel if integration settings are true
  3. Admin Video Creator role
  4. Event Channels
    1. Reduce padding on event side menu collapsible links
  5. Event Registration:
    1. Set a Custom message on Register form heading
  6. Highlight Reel
    1. Display Price on channel page Highlight Reel when video is set to Paid
    2. Layout improvements for Glide Highlight Reel when only 1 or 2 videos selected
  7. New 404 and 500 Error pages
  1. Fix Education Points close modal
  2. Private Channel: Check username and not just email for Packages access to Private Channel
  3. Fix Invoice Company Logo size scaling 
  4. Events Registrations:
    1. Improve handling of duplicate entries when importing registrations from CSV
    2. New Registration Fields are enabled by default
    3. Fix Delete Modal close icon 
    4. Login form doesn’t require custom checkbox fields when displayed on register form
    5. Form type selected is displayed correctly after adding a new registration field
  5. Admin Video Type does not display correct, when parent channel is different. and video price is not displayed on play page

Release -  12th September 2021

  1. eCommerce Vouchers - full release:
    1. Setup a voucher for a specific member list, to be used at time of checkout
    2. A voucher is a specific amount allocated to the assigned member list. 
    3. A voucher can be used more than once, until the full amount has been used or the voucher has been disabled
    4. A members history of voucher used is available in eCommerce >Vouchers >Voucher usage
    5. Voucher usage is displayed in Sales Orders
  2. Email Invoices:
    1. Turn on the ability to send branded invoices to members when using any of the payment gateway providers including Stripe, bPoint, PayPal, PayPal PayFlow or Livepay integration.
  3. Navigation menu – allow a menu to only appear when a user is logged in by setting the Authentication Required flag 
  4. Analytics - All Videos:  Additional filter for Video Type: Paid, Free, Locked.
  5. Video - Analytics: Display Unique Viewers to Video Totals

  1. New admin login page
  2. Polls/Engage page - Display Results UI enhancements
  3. Refactor Player Analytics for improved insert performance
  4. Optimize video library homepage queries and performance
  5. Print View for User Profile Video Activity to fit on page
  6. Quiz - Display at End of Quiz, default time modified from 5 to 20 seconds to allow for users to navigate on video timeline more easily

  1. Video Library Paid button color is not correct, when channel has Auth Required flag set to true
  2. Continuing Education label on video card thumbnail image does not appear
  3. Event Registrations, checkbox to display indicator if required field
  4. Go back on Play page to retain Event ID query string
  5. Search Query direct link keeps spotlight rows in search results
  6. Event Registration custom CSS, insert into head section on registration page
  7. Play Page duplicate font requests
  8. Video library homepage filter, when selected, focus changes to top of page
  9. iMIS display name corrected
  10. Private Channels & Videos do not appear on sub-channel pages if on Access List

Release -  3rd September 2021 

  1. Zoom Meetings Web SDK  Integration  - BETA Version
  2. Display Countdown on End Broadcast before stopping Live Media channel and Video player status
  3. Add button colors for Buy and View cart on Video Library
  4. Channel heading - add more styling options to channel heading including:
    1. Channel Logo alignment: left, middle, right
    2. Channel Title Alignment
    3. Channel title font size and color
  5. Display Continuing Education Points in more locations including Play Page, Highlight Reels and on Default Video Card Text area
  6. Categories Button Links on Play Pages
  1. Zoom Meetings Web SDK  Integration
    1. Allow a user to set a zoom meeting on a channel page for Round Table /Meeting virtual events
  2. PayPal Flow Payment Gateway:
    1. Checkout page improvements
    2. Checkout Token error fix
  3. Membes Association Management Software (AMS)
    1. Fix error when changing email address
  1. Event Registrations Accordion menu for better display of page settings
  2. API Client Secret creation and modal warning improvements
  3. Update form labels on Add Live Stream page
  1. Event Registration database query optimizations
  2. Main Library Login form not center
  3. Play Page Resources tab alignment issue
  4. Improve Glide Highlight reel display on load when only 1-2 videos on the Channel Highlight reel
  5. Polls - Display Results: Minimum Time set when there is no results time display used
  6. Event Registration emails not being sent

August 2021

Release - 20th August 2021

  1. Set Member Pricing on Individual Video
    1. Set video prices at a video level for different membership types, rather than applying a discount to the channel
  2. Channel Name change improvements with 301 redirects for old links
  3. Search Query string on video channel homepage to improve user navigation
  1. Paypal PayFlow Native Integration of payment gateway
  2. iMIS AMS Single Sign-On improvements
    1. Better handling of updating member profiles based on Member ID being passed from iMIS
    2. Handle 1-to-1 mapping with iMIS Member Types in User Profile IQA
  3. Membes AMS (Association Management Software)
    1. Update member email/username based on Member ID
    2. Store and Update Member Types from Single Sign-On integration
  1. Analytics Visitors & Page Views display correct date selector 
  2. Admin Events Drop-down menu appears behind scroll bar
  3. Admin Members Drop-down menu appears behind scroll bar
  4. Admin Event Registration layout improvements
  5. Admin Video Library settings layout improvements
  1. Live Polls keep flashing if poll is turned off before Display Results Timer has completed
  2. Polls Display Results - colors for graph when more than 4 answers
  3. Channel page Watch Now button doesn't work when Authentication Required is set on the channel
  4. Remove Poll Icon when poll status is Off
  5. Quiz indicator still yellow after submit, when should appear Green as completed
  6. Channel side menu doesn't retain EventID query string

Release - 8th August 2021

  1. Channel URL 301 Redirect when a channel location or name is changed. Old links will redirect to new channel page.
  2. Select 'Add to Cart' and 'View Cart' button colors for video library homepage. To differentiate button colors from Watch button.
  3. Modify Admin Event Registration page to use new menu and tab view
  4. NEW Membes AMS Software Integration
  1. Membes Association Management Software Integration
    1. Single Sign-On from Membes website to webcastcloud Video Channel
    2. Create member profile including Member ID, First Name, Last Name, Email Address
    3. Update Membership Profile changes, based on profile data changing with existing Customer ID
    4. Store and Update Member Types in Membes to webcastcloud Profile to handle video and event access and membership pricing tiers
  1. Remove Live Poll Icons when video poll status is turned to off
  2. Channel page ‘watch now’ button doesn’t work when authentication required is on
  3. Update Date Selector on Analytics reports
  4. New Share Icon on Video Play Page and fix alignment issue
  5. Improvement to Video Status API when launching a live stream

July 2021

Release 3 - 30th July 2021

  1. Resources:
    1. Set sort order on Video Resources
    2. Download button added to selection of resource icons
    3. Resource Description text can be added and displayed on Video Page
  2. Display Live Poll Results in Admin Portal
  3. Quiz Completion Audit Logs tracking page: for admin users to see recently completed quizzes
  4. Cookie & Privacy Policy added to Event Registration page
  5. WYSIWG Editor:
    1. Font Color Selector
    2. Image resizing feature
  1. Login Modal close icon doesnt work
  2. Fix responsiveness of main logo
  3. Cart page unsuccessful message - modal wont close
  4. Home Page Ad Banner is very small and left justified

Release 2 - 22nd July 2021

  1. New Members Analytics Report: Run report for member activity across your video library with advanced filters for date range, video date, member types
  2. New Video Analytics Report
  3. New WYSIWIG HTML Editor – to deliver an intuitive and responsive html editor for all elements across your video site.  
  4. New Image File Manager – Upload Images and graphics into your central image library, where you can create folders to categorize your content. And simply access and re-use images across your videos, channel and video library.
    1. Upload multiple images at one
    2. Group Files into folders and subfolders
    3. Filter files to easily find what you need
    4. Crop, rotate, edit and resize images
    5. Images accelerated through Content Delivery Network
Live Streaming
  1. Start and Stop both Live Media Channels when running two video frames 
Video Player
  1. Improvements to the Chat client interface on the video player. Will now use full player height and side column, rather than appearing on top of the video player. 
  1. Resolve Email Registration Hidden Fields
  2. Issue removing highlight reel channel for main library homepage
  3. Small styles and admin text bugs
  4. Video Player poll continually pops-up after submitted and offline
  5. Live Poll Anonymous User – track unique session ID and display correctly in results

Release 1 -7th July 2021

New Features
  1. Passcode option added to Event Registration Form
  2. New WYSIWIG Text Editor for select admin fields: Homepage Ad Space, Play Page Ad Space, Registration & Login page heading.
  1. Add Member API added to API v2
  1. Added site title to Register & Login page headings
  2. Fix Password Reset Confirmation page
  3. Fix default Sort Order on Channel page with Row View and List View
  4. Improve Log Entries for Created & Modified videos & channels

June 2021

Release 2 - 24th June 2021

Video Library
  1. New Glide Highlight Reel to Main Video Library and Channel pages

  1. Add Channel Logo Hyperlink field for channel page styling
  2. Add Cookie Consent pop-up

Polls & Quizzes
  1. Support Retake of Quiz if user doesn’t meet pass rate
  1. Display Continuing Education points on Video Cards
  2. Customize Education Points label to suit your continuing education. ie. CPD, CAE, CEU or other

  1. Live Analytics dashboard improvements
  2. Capture and retain live analytics graph to retain viewers for point in time during the live event.  Analytics graph is available after live stream completing to show viewers graph for the whole live stream 
  3. Show list of users, IP Address and each anonymous user on Live Analytics
  4. Display a list of live viewers (email address) to display underneath the live analytics chart
  5. Modify Live Event page to simply access Q&A, Analytics and broadcast controls
  6. Live Analytics Graph query has been changed to show the actual numbers of user point in time
  7. Main Menu Navigation, support drag and drop navigation to manage display order 
  8. Add EmailOnRegistration field on Registration Email Tab. Change Checkboxes layout on same tab.
  9. Changes in layout of payment providers and integrations 
  1. Add Member Login endpoint to API v2, with improvements to simplify member list creation
Bug Fixes
  1. Poll/Quiz indicator turns green after poll is taken, without needing a page refresh
  2. In Admin, Fix Delete on Navigation menu 
  3. Remove Admin restriction on Channel Highlight Reel settings
  4. Display Anonymous users correctly on live stream dashboard 
  5. Fix highlight reel loading issue where height appears larger at page load 
  6. Hide Spotlight Channels when Filtering Channels on home page filter
  7. Wrong video type is displayed in Admin Videos list when inheritance is disabled 
  8. bPoint Discount Code at checkout not being calculated in total price
  9. Fix Admin Member Profile where viewing percentage can appear as negative when viewer has loaded the video player but has not watched the video

Release 1 - 10th June 2021

Video Library
  1. Display Live Icon on Video Cards for upcoming and current live streams

Main Menu / Navigation
  1. Add Logo Link field for main video library logo.  If no link is set then default video library homepage will be used as logo hyperlink
  2. Modify main navigation menu to split navigation menu and user profile menu
  3. Modify main layout navigation on mobile to support more menu links and User profile menu


Polls & Quizzes
  1. Display Quiz Results in User Profile menu: Points Available, Pass Rate, Score

  1. Set value in Quiz Template if User can retake quiz if they did meet pass rate 
  2. Improve Quiz Results page to display Results, color indicator for pass/rate and Retake quiz 

  1. Display Quiz header on video player when question type is a Quiz 
  2. Make a poll or quiz question Inactive. Only Active questions will appear on the video player to the viewer
  3. Display Total Questions and Answered Questions in Download Quiz Result Excel
  4. Display Questions and Option in Order on Engage page
  5. Put validation in Admin Polls Creation if question is empty, do not save that option
  1. Sales Orders Download - modify export to only download search results
  2. Add ReCaptcha Google v3 to bPoint Checkout page
  1. Add  Dashboard to main menu
  1. Add flag to display Event Overview section on Registration page
  2. Add Custom CSS on Event Registration Fields page
  1. Resolve display issue on Poll list to display in list order
  2. On Sales Export if Order Status is Open then display Null for purchased date
  3. Scroll back to top when user selects pagination
  4. Fix Select Product on mobile
  5. Fix Analytics Update button on mobile
  6. Fix MyList display purchased presentations method
  7. Fix Call Back from Video Processing not to overwrite Video Description

May 2021

Release 2 - 27th May 2021

Video Library
  1. Add Sub-Channels to Main Video Library Navigation

  • Polls & Quiz OnDemand (beta release)
    1. Admin users can now create Quizzes and Polls within a video.
    2. Polls & Quizzes are timed questions that are displayed at the specified time within the on-demand video.
    3. Polls include Multiple Choice, Star Rating and Open Text questions.
    4. Quiz questions are multiple choice with a specified answer, where Continuing Education points can be allocated to the quiz results.
    5. Admin users can:
      1. Create Education Points template in Admin Settings, including Assessment Type and Pass Rate
      2. Assign Quiz Template to a Video
      3. Assign Continuing Education Points
      4. Download Quiz results to Excel

    1. Set VideoID to Play page body class to use for custom CSS reference

    1. Products
      1. Update Style on Products page
        1. Products are used to promote to specific channels or packages at time of registration or login if the user has not purchased any products. (Used mostly for Virtual Events.)
      2. Allow Admin user to set a 'Product Message' to display custom title and message on Products page

    1. Store Discount Code when used on purchase, and display Discount Code used in Sales Orders
    2. Update Livepay successful purchase page, with link to Receipt URL
    3. Sales Orders Filter by Search Results - product, member, receipt number

    1. Fix Launch URL for Child Channels in Admin
    2. Fix Launch URL for Child Channels in Video Library Filter/Search menu
    3. Remove use of HTML/CSS on the video card Info tab where some custom CSS could display of video library homepage
    4. Q&A Modal position to center
    5. Admin Video List date doesnt sort correctly using date format
    6. Row view doesnt always display on Channel page 
    7. Modification in Total View display ordering in Admin Dashboard 
    8. Update Video Duration when Live Event is stopped 
    9. Analytics modification to calculate User Video Analytics from Video Duration rather than video player event analytics to display correct Live user totals

    Release 1 - 17th May 2021

    Video Library 
    1. Navigation Settings
      1. Sticky Navigation on main video library
      2. Set Sticky Nav background color
      3. Set navigation header border bottom color
      4. Highlight Reel on Homepage, set indictor colors
    1. Sales Order Filter by Open & Complete Orders
    1. Video broadcast message too wide on mobile view
    2. User Profile activity not using date format settings for sort order
    3. Admin Layout for mobile - change tabs to drop-down menu

    April 2021

    Video Library
    1. User Profiles
      1. Enable User Profiles on your Video Library
      2. User Profile drop-down menu from main Navigation
      3. Members can view Member Information, Video Activity and Purchase History 
      4. Member can Print their Video Activity along with account information, as proof of viewing for compliance requirements
      5. Member can upload Profile Image

    1. Highlight Reel:
      1. Select New 3D Highlight Reel option for your Video Library Homepage or Channel page. 

    1. New Receipt page following successful Purchase with Payment Gateway providers: bPoint, Stripe, Paypal .
    2. Print Receipt option on Receipt page
    3. Add Account & Tax Settings to be displayed on Receipt page
    4. New Cart page UI
    5. Display Video or Channel Image on Cart page with list of items 

    Video Player:
    1. First release of Polls on Video Player - Multiple Choice, Open Text, Star Rating and Quiz (full release coming soon)

    1. Add Sticky Header background color selector to channel layout
    2. Added Job Title and Biography fields to Member Details
    • Modification in /v2/analytics/videos/MemberVideoAnalytics/{memberid} endpoint to add TotalViews field in response list
    • New Endpoint to retrieve sales orders based on MemberID

    • Modification in getting livepaycheckoutID and Prevent multiple entries in livepay checkout table for the same shoppingcart
    • When using Stripe, correctly store total in Sales Order if discount code is used on checkout page 
    • Modification to prevent multiple entries for same channel in the cart. Display message when user trying to add same channel that already exists in the cart
    • Prevent checkout button click if cart has product or item which already purchased by user

    March 2021

    Video Library
    1. Enhancement to response time of Spotlight Channels loading on main library when a large number of spotlight channels are selected
    2. Video Card Enhancements:
      1. Animate Video Cards
      2. New Minimalist Video Card Style
      3. Set Video Card Background colors
    New Minimalist Video Card with Animation: 

    Event Registration 
    1. Add slider for scaling event logo size
    2. Event Registration page styling options for  Header Background Color, Body Background Color, Background Image, Form button color, Font color and Font family.
    3. Provision to delete Event registration value on Event Registered detail page
    1. Newest Members on Dashboard
    2. Most Popular Videos on Dashboard
    3. Add Flag to use Share Modal to add parameter before copying Play Page URL
    4. Add Authorization Key generator to Video Share Modal that will dynamically add the parameter to the video URL 

    1. Add query string parameter on Play Page and Channel Page to direct user to SSO Login page if user it not authenticated
    2. Pass the Return URL to Member Login API using parameter &redirecttologinurl=True
    3. Add Flag to use Share Modal to add parameter before copying Play Page URL
    4. Add Authorization Key to Video Play Page for simple embedding of videos into 3rd party websites
    5. iMIS:
      1. Added flag in Admin Registration settings to 'Use iMIS Login Form' as the main video library login page.  This is for legacy iMIS environments that do not support Single Sign-On although will use the webcastcloud iMIS login page where members can still use their iMIS credentials to login.
    6. Personify:
      1. Added company ID check for Member Profile
      2. Added Digital Subscriptions check for Company purchased subscriptions in Personify. Member will have access to subscription product if they are a current employee of the company that holds the subscription.
    1. New Endpoints for
      1. Members:
        1. Member Profile Information
        2. List All Members
        3. Latest Members
      2. Analytics:
        1. Top Viewed Videos
        2. Member Video Views
    1. Fix bPoint checkout page expiry display date
    2. MyList pagination issue where second page didnt display results
    3. Fix Live Stream Date Format issue
    4. Fix Search Filter bar on Mobile
    5. Play Page Video Resources access if member has access to a Locked or Paid video via a Package, the member should be able to see Resources tab and resource list.
    6. Moving a channel may lose channel image
    7. Hide cursors on channel page when only 1 video in a row

    January 2021

    1. Style Changes to Admin Dashboard to support ability to add more analytics widgets (coming soon)
    2. Improved Admin navigation from Video Detail back to Channel List of Videos 
    More Styling options for your Channels to give them a brand of their own
    1. Channel pages now supported for sub-channels  
    2. 'Show All' Link on Spotlight rows to Channel Page
    3. Channel Header and Body Background Images & Color Styling
    4. Channel Title & HTML Description
    5. Channel colors for Watch, Paid buttons
    6. Option to display Search/Filter menu on Channel page
    7. Separate out a Channel from your main Video Library through Roles & Layout changes:
      1. Remove main Video Library Header/Navigation for separate events
      2. Separate LogOff Control for Channel header
    8. Carousels/Highlight Reels for a channel
      1. Select individual Videos for your Channel Highlight Reel, rather than mapping directly to a channel or sub-channel
      2. New 3D Carousel added to Home and Channel Pages

    Event Registration 

    1. Added option to force all Members to complete the Registration form, including Video Channel members who could previously just login

    New REST API vesrion2
    1. Implementation of OAuth for REST API Authorization
    2. Analytics Endpoints:
      1. Member Video Analytics
      2. Video Total Analytics

    December 2020

    Event Registration 

    1. Implementation of Event and Video Channel role for Members
    2. Event registration lists for single video resources or channels
    1. Upload Secondary Video for OnDemand Slide Generation
    1. Naylor AMS (Membership Software) Single Sign-On (SSO)
    2. Personify Subscription Enhancement:
      1. Store Company ID in member profile
      2. Check for valid company subscription based on product code

     Services / Infrastructure:

    1. New Database: Migration from Microsoft SQL to AWS Aurora MySQL for performance, availability, durability and scalability improvements.  

    September 2021

    Video Player
    1. Live Closed Captions integration with Ai-Media
    2. Custom iFrame links on Video Play Page for 3rd party application such as Chat
    3. Call To Action: Create timed-called to action anywhere within your video player. A CTA will display a custom message and hyperlink at the selected time of your on-demand video
    4. Upload Resources:  Upload documents and attachments relevant to your videos and store within your media storage. Previously links were only supported for Resources on the Video Play Page. 

    Live Streaming

    1. webcastcloud Live support for RTMP Encoders: You can now connect products like Zoom Meetings, Webex and other platforms that support RTMP Push to a Live Streaming endpoint on webcastcloud Live and allow your customers to view live events through your video player
    Live Slides (Beta)
    1. Upload and Push Slides for a live stream via your webcastcloud Live Dashboard 


    1. Products:
      1. Create a Product for a Video Channel with different pricing tiers, irrelevant to a Member list and discount policy.  Products will be displayed on the Product Page. 
    2. Vouchers: a value based discount (as alternative to discount percentage) to a group/member list that can be applied at checkout.
    3. Sales Orders:
      1. Addition fields displayed in sales orders
      2. Sales Order Date Filter in Admin portal
      3. Sales Order date filter for export/download

    Video Management    

    1. Registration Access List
      1. Upload a list of email address for only users who can register to access the video channel
      2. Disable Channel Inheritance of Video Status / Pricing
      3. Assign Continuing Education Points to Videos
      4. More icons added to Resources
    2. Member Details: Display webcastcloud VOD Analytics in Member Details page

    Event Registration

    1. Create a registration page specifically for an Event, Channel or Video. Ideal for virtual events and webinars.


    1. Native Stripe Integration
      1. Stripe Payment Gateway Integration
      2. Stripe Subscription Model
    2. iMIS Single Sign-On enhancements
      1. Store Client ID to update member profile with iMIS data changes

    3. Kentico Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration:  Suitable for customers using iMIS Member Directory with Kentico front-end website.